Did you know?

You could be at risk of serious injury if you use Non OEM Parts.
Mike Kautsky explains:

ABB pictogram air outlet

Case study – Casing

  • Container vessel ME specified with 3x VTR714
  • Non-OEM air outlet casings
  • Chemical composition of material does not correspond to ABB original part specification
  • Mechanical properties insufficient
  • Tensile strength ~ 70%
  • Creep rupture strength ~ 60%
ABB pictogram danger

Copy parts

  • Are sold as ‘genuine parts’
  • Are often difficult to detect!
  • Severely compromise safety
  • Can be hazardous to life and limb
  • Negatively influence emissions

Don’t be misled by inadequate or fake certificates

ABB pictogram certificate

If you want to be sure

Source genuine ABB OEM parts from ABB only.

ABB pictogram danger

Use of Non OEM Parts = Is it worth the risk?

ABB pictogram air outlet casing broken

Casing did not achieve containment


ABB pictogram impact

Fragment found stuck in engine room roof


Do you want to be sure it is genuine?


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