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Do you know the value of Original Service by ABB Turbocharging? It is in the 100+ years of experience and expertise in the manufacture and maintenance of ABB turbochargers by the most passionate turbocharging engineers and technicians worldwide.

ABB turbochargers are precision engineered and who better to ensure their original performance than the original manufacturer. ABB Service engineers and technicians ensure your ABB turbocharger continues to perform according to its original specification: maximum efficiency and fuel savings, highest reliability for maximum uptime.

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Asset Lifecycle Optimization

Maintenance that pays back: Turning operational costs into savings.

In addition to putting your ABB turbochargers in the best hands to ensure best performance, our service and maintenance concepts are designed to ensure optimized asset value long-term. Superior asset maintenance goes beyond maintaining original performance. As technology and operational demands evolve, the ABB precision-engineered turbochargers in the field are also adapted accordingly. Our Original Service maintenance approach is therefore to continuously improve and enhance our turbochargers’ performance beyond the original specifications. This means our customers continue to attain higher operational efficiency, translating into long-term lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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