ABB breathes new life into 60-year old VTR turbochargers for Battery Point

The VTR turbochargers at Battery Point have been under maintenance by ABB since their installation back in 1957, helping each unit achieve a staggering 60 years of use.

Built for absolute longevity, up-keep by the original manufacturer ensures the turbochargers continue to generate power for the Western Isle’s population during its entire lifetime.

Beyond Service maintenance

Maintenance by ABB has achieved more than simply extending the lifespan of the turbochargers. Cleaning carbon deposits from the turbocharger fins has helped to maintain the excellent burn efficiency ratio of each unit to improve fuel consumption and lower running costs. The overhauled VTR turbochargers also reduce exhaust gas temperatures and emissions, crucial for helping Scottish and Southern Electricity meet their carbon reduction obligations.

Savings in time & money

The decision to have maintenance of the VTR turbochargers performed by ABB has saved millions of pounds over the lifetime of the Battery Point power station without the need for lengthy recertification processes. All this has of course helped to ensure that the people of Lewis and Harris have an electricity source they can rely on.

Dedicated to a lifetime of care

Sophie Madeley

”All of our customers including Battery Point can trust ABB to take care of their products across the entire lifetime. By using the OEM service and spare parts, Battery Point are sure to receive continuously enhanced efficiencies & performance and reliability. We always go the extra mile to make sure our customers make the most of their installations.“