Unlock the benefits of your equipment data

Register your turbocharger to stay in the loop for optimized maintenance care

Register turbocharger serial number

Your turbocharger serial number is your key to receiving best equipment care across its entire life.

Reduce operational risks, avoid unplanned downtime

Analysis of equipment and operational data enables more accurate predictions and planning as well as preventive troubleshooting.

Save time, save costs, increase availability

Equipment operational data enables effective maintenance planning to avoid additional downtime. This increases availability, saves time and costs.

Receive correct spare parts specifications

Out of tolerance parts can lead to loss of efficiency and equipment failure.

Benefit from proactive optimization

Parts are continuously optimized for higher efficiency and reliability based on field records. Only equipment on record can benefit from optimized parts.

Receive accurate reports

Accurate and consistent service reports ensure effective asset lifecycle management and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).

See beneath the surface of your turbocharger parts.

Use TurboAid to assess the impact of parts deviations on your operations.