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ABB’s nozzle ring wear protection will protect your nozzle ring from extraordinary wear and tear caused by abrasion from particles formed by heavy fuel oil combustion.
Mike Fischer explains:

ABB pictogram nozzle ring erosion

What’s the potential problem?

  • Turbochargers operating on engines that use heavy fuel oil can be exposed to nozzle ring erosion.
  • This extraordinary wearing is caused by the impact of particles, formed during combustion, that are carried into the turbocharger by the exhaust gas.
  • Another consideration is that chemicals and additives in the fuel can cause corrosion.
ABB pictogram nozzle ring coating

So what can we do to make sure this does not happen?

  • ABB has developed a special wear protection for the nozzle ring to combat this issue and substantially improve durability.
  • The wear protection is available for several different types and sizes of ABB turbochargers.
  • Field experience has shown that durability can be improved significantly with a wear-protected nozzle ring.
ABB pictogram turbocharger

Turbochargers on engines burning HFO can be exposed to erosion and corrosion. ABB has developed wear protection for the nozzle rings that substantially improves their durability.

To improve the durability of your nozzle ring,
use ABB nozzle ring wear protection!

ABB nozzle ring wear protection
ABB pictogram turbocharger efficiency

Use ABB’s nozzle ring wear protection to reduce the effects of erosion and substantially improve lifetime!

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