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ABB OEM rescue turns customer despair into customer value

ABB turbochargers are designed to deliver specific levels of efficiency. In addition to accurate geometry of the turbocharger components, the turbochargers are fine-tuned (“matched”) to specific tolerances in order to work in harmony with the engines they are specified for. All qualities that are not visually obvious. It was therefore no surprise, when ABB Turbocharging engineers and technicians were called upon to a non-OEM rescue mission.

Ill-advised modifications mean big trouble

Robert Gremel, CEO and joint owner of the Gaskraft Gremel GmbH agricultural biogas cogeneration plant in Lichtenegg, Austria, contacted ABB Turbocharging Mannheim to inspect a TPS48 turbocharger he had bought with some spare nozzle rings and diffusers.

Mr. Gremel intended to store the second-hand turbocharger and parts as spares for the ABB turbocharger on-board the MWM type TCG2016V16 gas engine powering his power plant. However, upon inspection the ABB Turbocharging Service technicians discovered the second-hand turbocharger had been extensively modified and totally unfit for the customer’s engine. What’s more, the TPS48 showed massive wear and damage.

Installing such a worn-out turbocharger and out of tolerance parts would have caused a turbocharger failure in the best case and in the worst case, it could lead to total engine failure.

ABB’s OEM expertise and product database save the day

ABB Turbocharging technicians started by first consulting the company’s extensive product database to track the history and retrieve original specifications of the second-hand turbocharger. This data allowed the technicians to come up with the right solution for restoring the turbocharger and make it work for the customer’s installation. ABB’s Technical Advisor Daniel Winkler and Customer Support Engineer, Meike Nohle, collected the information needed to repair the TPS48 turbocharger and match it to the TCG2016V16 engine.

The repair work involved refurbishing the bearing housing and the piston ring groove, as well as matching the nozzle ring and diffuser of the TPS48 turbocharger to the TCG2016V16 gas engine. Further modifications were made to the compressor stage for improved efficiency.

ABB’s cost-saving solution is met with enthusiasm

In order to help the customer reduce his losses from this unfortunate unauthorized non-OEM purchase, ABB technicians sought to help cut costs by buying back the spare nozzle rings and diffusers, as they were ABB Turbocharging Original Parts. “They were in a satisfactory condition so we bought them back for the ABB Turbocharging exchange turbocharger program,” Krehbiel says. “Gremel gladly accepted our offer!”

CEO and Joint Owner of Gaskraft Gremel GmbH
Robert Gremel

”ABB Turbocharging helped me turn around an unfortunate situation. I now have a functional turbocharger that I can put to good use“

The sure fire way of ensuring your turbocharger delivers the original efficiencies for your installation is to source spare parts and maintenance from your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). ABB Turbocharging also offers second-hand parts that are refurbished and matched to original performance and your engine’s specification.

Learn more about our Customer Parts Exchange Program (CPEX).