Julian Withers uncovers hidden risks in non-ABB sourced turbocharger parts

Recently, one of our ABB Turbocharging customers purchased spare parts from the open market in order to save costs. This turned out to be an extremely costly experience, both in terms of money and time. Indeed, they were lucky that it didn’t result in serious injury to one or more of their crew members.

Watch the video for the full analysis of hidden risks Julian uncovered.

When savings become very expensive

ABB Turbocharging UK was called in to overhaul an ABB turbocharger, which the customer had purchased from a third-party, non-ABB source. It had been described as a “refurbished ABB TPS turbocharger”. What the ABB Service Engineers discovered was a unit in a shocking state. There were issues instantly visible to the naked eye, with many of the parts of the turbocharger being heavily pitted and totally corroded. Some parts had just been sprayed to look new.

Julian Withers from ABB Turbocharging UK gives a detailed account of the problems and risks encountered in this case.

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