Customer confidence

Calais Seaways experiences unrivaled rapid response

Being there for our customers, wherever and whenever they need us in order to ensure continued safe and efficient operation is a commitment ABB Turbocharging strongly stands by. Calais Seaways testifies to this commitment.

The Calais Seaways ferry carries passengers and vehicles on the popular route between Dover, England and Calais, France, making the 90-minute trip several times a day. Yearly, more than
6,000,000 passengers
trust the carrier to bring them to their destination safely and on time.

So of course, when the ferry encountered a failure with its VTR454 turbocharger on a Friday afternoon, there was a critical need for immediate support.

While still able to operate with only one fully functioning turbocharger, clearly repairs needed to be undertaken as quickly as possible. Time was critical. The vessel operator contacted ABB Turbocharging for expert support. In less than 24 hours, an ABB Turbocharging expert was onboard to identify the cause of the failure and what needed to be done to get the turbocharger back in operation.

The superintendent of Calais Seaways, Mr. Charles Denise, was extremely satisfied with the delivery performance from ABB Turbocharging.

Mr. Charles Denise

”I was particularly impressed that ABB Turbocharging was able to deliver spares in less than 48 hours; and this over the weekend.“

”We cannot risk the trust and confidence our customers have in our operations. I was extremely satisfied with the responsiveness and support of the ABB Turbocharging team.“